Our motto is partnership in business

Accounting office Gwarant from Bielsko-Biała is reliability, modernity and professional approach to each, even the most complicated problem

About us

Our offices stand for reliability with a professional, state-of-the-art approach to every single issue, even the most complex one. Partnership in business is our underlying principle, and the success of our clients is a priority for us. Our clients appreciate it, which is evidenced by their references.

In order to provide top-quality services, our employees constantly improve their skills and develop professionally, participating in relevant courses and training sessions.


Services for foreign entities

In some situations, a foreign entrepreneur is required to register in Poland as a VAT…

Other Services

We offer additional services for corporate finance.

HR & Payroll

Our services cover handling of the client’s current processes as of an agreement date; if…

Bookkeeping services

Our services cover handling of the client’s current processes as of an agreement date; if…

Audit – Auditor

Our responsibility is to express an opinion on whether the financial statements give a true…


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PhD, CEO, Chartered accountant PhD Renata Gruszka rgruszka@biuro-gwarant.pl+48 609 128 049
Accountant Katarzyna Rzeszowska krzeszowska@biuro-gwarant.pl+48 504 424 731
Accountant Magdalena Chrapek mchrapek@biuro-gwarant.pl+48 504 424 731
Administrative clerk, accounting assistant Angelika Gruszka agruszka@biuro-gwarant.pl
Accountant, office manager Natalia Tomiczek ntomiczek@biuro-gwarant.pl
Accountant Monika Szypelt mszypelt@biuro-gwarant.pl+48 504 424 731
Administrative clerk, accounting assistant, HR and payroll assistant Magdalena Habdas mhabdas@biuro-gwarant.pl
Human resources and payroll specialist Marzena Bem kadry@biuro-gwarant.pl+48 690 269 135
Administrative and office worker Magdalena Foltyn mfoltyn@biuro-gwarant.pl+48 798 847 056
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Based on our long-year pending cooperation – professional, reliable and willing partner.



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